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Université d’Orléans

Term To Study: Fall 2013
Application Deadline: Oct 15, 2013
Program Starts: Sep 01, 2013
Program Ends: Dec 22, 2013
Major 1: Foreign Language / Literature French
Subject 1:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Exchange
Link 1: CLICK HERE for Univ. Orleans website
Link 2: Application Procedures
Program Locations: Orleans
Contact Phone: 2483702062
Contact Name: Professor Stacey Hahn
Contact Email: shahn@oakland.edu
Program Description

The City

The Université d’Orléans is a public university situated in the Loire Valley. The university has 16,000 students, including 1,000 foreign students. The campus is located about six miles from the city of Orléans and 70 miles southwest of Paris. Orléans, France, brings together a rich history, and a prestigious and legendary environment of the Loire Valley. This ideal location produces a climate offering an indisputable quality of life. The city boasts Roman religious architecture, the Sainte Croix Cathedral and the Hôtel Groslot.

Academic Program

Students begin their studies with a two-week preliminary French program:

- Diplôme d’Etudes Françaises (DEF) certificate (lower level) program in French language and civilization for foreign students
- Diplôme Approfondi du Français (DAF) diploma program in French language and civilization for foreign students

NOTE: Advisers at Orléans determine placement after arrival. Also, participants wishing to apply work completed at Orléans to Oakland University majors should seek written approval from their department prior to departure.

Successful completion of either the certificate or diploma program for an entire year normally satisfies all requirements for the OU major in French language and literature except for LIT 181 or 182 and one 400-level French literature course.

Students can choose to study in France for a full year (late September through June) or one semester (mid-January through June or late September through mid-January). Students attend a special French program for foreign students, and/or regular courses.

There is a pre-departure orientation required at Oakland University in May and June.

Participants should arrive in Orléans in late August or early September. Orientation and preliminary French program during first two weeks.Regular courses run from September until early June. Some exams may occur in June. Those students participating during the wiinter semester only should arrive the first week of January. Vacations include All Saints Day Holiday (the first week of November), Christmas, winter vacation and Easter vacation.


Third-year college-level French or equivalent is required. Participants must have junior class standing at the time of the program and be in good health. Students must have a serious interest in the program and must be committed, mature and willing to adapt to life in a foreign country.


Students are required to live at the Residence Dessaux in downtown Orléans or they may choose to live with a host family. Cafeteria meals are available through the university, except for weekends, and students can purchase individual meal tickets, by a book of ten, or by month. The rooms have private bath and kitchenettes, and students are also required to pay electricity charges, a damage deposit, liability insurance and sheet rental.

A local host family will meet students at the airport and will provide housing for the first week of their visit. Students can contact the host family throughout their stay in France.


Payable in U.S. dollars

- OU tuition and fees (12 or 16 credits per term)
- Medical and hospitalization insurance (approximately $230-$250)
- Roundtrip airfare (approximately $600 - $1,000)
- Passport and visa: approximately $85 each

Payable in Euros to Orléans (subject to currency fluctuation) Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

Host family (payable to family)

300 € per month, breakfast included
Total for the year: 2700 € plus cost of meals
Evening Meals with family: 4€ per evening meal; 28 € per week; 448 € per 16 weeks.
Students usually pay for lunch on their own.
Total for the semester: 1200 € plus cost of meals


The majority of the rent must be paid upon arrival. A 300 E deposit is required to reserve housing downtown.

One semester

Room with private bath and kitchenette: 320 E X 5 months = 1600 E
Registration fee: 15 E
Electricity charges: paid every two months, varies according to use, 44 E – 70 E (in cold weather) = approximately 143 E
Damage deposit: 400 E
Liability insurance: 60 E
Sheet rental: 35 E

Total for the semester: 2253 E

One year

Room with private bath and kitchenette: 320 E X 9 months = 2880 E
Registration fee: 15 E
Electricity charges: paid every two months, varies according to use, 44E – 70E (in cold weather) = approximately 285E
Damage deposit: 400 E
Liability insurance: 60 E
Sheet rental: 63 E

Total for the year: 3678 E

In March, students may be eligible for a rebate of approximately 1000 E. The rebate is not guaranteed.


Medical exam: 100 E
Residence permit: 50 E
Books: $100-150 E
Spending money: approximately $300 E per month X 9 months = $2,700 E
Vacation travel: 3 trips X $500 E = $1,500 E
Other expenses: laundry, local transportation
Compulsory French health insurance for students under 28 years of age: 230 E.


Students (under 28 years of age)
Price of one meal ticket: 3 E, price of a book of 10 tickets: 30 E. Total cost for:

One month: 270 E
One semester: 1350 E
One year: 2700 E

Students (28 years and older)
Price of one meal ticket: 4.5 E

On-Site Administration

Oakland University does not provide a resident director at Orléans. Although Orléans does provide advisers, such services are less extensive than at an American university. Students will need to be more self-reliant than when they are on Oakland University’s campus.

Students are strongly encouraged to stay in touch with Oakland professors responsible for the program when abroad.

Academic Credit

Students have an option of taking 12 to 16 credits per term. During the fall semester, they can enroll in
- IS 370 (Language I),
- IS 371 (Literature I), IS 372 (Conversation, Comprehension, Writing I) and
- IS 373 (Civilization I)

During winter semester, students can take:
- IS 470 (Language II),
- IS 471 (Literature II),
- IS 472 (Conversation, Comprehension, Writing II) and
- IS 473 (Civilization)

Grades are assigned by Oakland University based on information from Orléans.

Quick Facts

Population: 65630692
Capital: Paris
Per-capita GDP: $ 35600
Size: 643801 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

US State Department

Travel Warning: NO

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